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We’re not out to reinvent the wheel, Michelin stars aren’t really our thing and we’re not aiming to have 500 pubs in five years’ time, what we to achieve is a group of cracking character pubs run by a passionate team providing quality food, drink and hospitality, and adding a pub or two as we go. And if we can all have a little fun, a pint or G&T along the way, so much the better.

As a family company, we aren’t in this for a quick buck, we don’t want to sell out to the highest bidder, we’re in it for future generations. For us to be around and successful we need a team of passionate well trained people who are with us for the long term. We look after and invest in those who choose to make Stange & Co their home. We’ve grown to a team of over two hundred across seven sites with many of those in senior positions having started out in junior positions, having been with us for many years.

We invest heavily in making our pubs some of the best in area and making sure they stay that way. We’re not into cheap makeovers every few years, instead we invest in quality and sympathetic restorations of our pubs to ensure they still great places to visit for many years to come.

We also realise the responsibility we have in operating our pubs, the majority of our sites are at the centre of their local communities, and we like to think those communities are proud to have us as custodians of their local.  So we like to put a bit back, and with that in mind we established the Fay Rowlands Trust.  We put a slice of profits every year into this fund which goes on to support under privileged children, alcohol abuse, obesity and cancer research.

We also put a charity dish onto each of our menus which gives 50p from each one sold to a charity local to and chosen by each pub and their crew.