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Recommend a Friend

£1500 for a general manager, head or senior sous chef

£1000 for sous chef or assistant managers

£750 for any full-time member of staff

Fill in the below form and let us know your friend’s details as well as yours and we will get in touch with them to see if they will fit into the fold.

    Our success is down to the hard-working talented teams that make us tick.  As we are sure you are aware, the teams are tight at the moment and need help in a number of areas from front of house, the kitchen and housekeeping.   And we know, who better to recommend and help recruit new staff than the people they’ll be working with.  As this will save management and the office some time and energy, we feel that, that benefit should be passed on to you.

    So, if you’ve got a friend or a colleague from a previous life or just someone you know of, and you think they’re of the right calibre, you could see them fitting in and they would fancy joining our team, let us know. Then, if you’re the one to introduce them to us, and they get the job and stay with us, we’ll reward you for that.

    – The recommended friend must complete 6 months full time employment before finder’s fee is paid and must be a genuine introduction to the company, they can’t have worked for us before or we can’t have already interviewed them. 
    – Bonus is paid gross, so there could be tax and national insurance deductions.
    – The scheme is not open to assistant/deputy managers or head chefs for their own site, they can however introduce someone to another pub or the office.
    – Senior management positions within operations are not eligible for the scheme.